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News & Announcements / About Steam release
Last post by xtriz3d -
What have I done?
Hello! First of all have I been busy, but I had some unluck days too, for some weeks ago did my computer crash (Hard drive was to old) and that took some time to fix it, and then after that started I work with the game again, but yeah then I got sick instead so I have lost some weeks because of this. But I’m not that guy that sit and relax because of that 😉 The update for Early Access that coming to Steam is soon ready, got litle bit delayed but not to much.

Coming to Steam?
Yes the game is coming to Steam now in December ! Late December. I have been pushing me to release it with a Early Access update 1.1.

Is there bugs / issues?
I am sorry to say, yes. But there is many bugs & issues I have been fixed, and fixed performance issues too. I am working on the bugs everyday.

Do you work alone?
I am working alone.
News & Announcements / Update 1.0 EA
Last post by xtriz3d -
Now is Early Access Update 1.0 out!

  • (NEW) World map is added
  • More levels is added.
  • Updated more levels.
  • Some bugs / Issues fixes.
News & Announcements / Update 1.7 has released !
Last post by xtriz3d -
   • Luck Or Not chest have been removed (Gonna add this to an NPC instead).
   • Crafting System added.
   • Enemies damage got nerfed.
   • Enemies health got nerfed.
   • Max level is 50.
   • Combat max level is 100 for each class.
   • Gathering gives experience now.
   • New gear added
      ○ Body of Dark
         § Helm of Dark
      ○ Body of Thief
         § Helm of Thief
   • Animation
      ○ Attacking animation got more timing with the damage.

   • Some level objects have been removed and replaced with new one.
   • More color design has been updated ! (Removed some bad color design).
   • Many new objects have been removed and replaced with better verts (Better performance).
   • Signs removed.
   • Orascie Boss removed.
   • Lightning improved.

   • Minor changes for the ingame UI.
   • Navigation for buttons removed (When keys did press some skills/items changed).
   • Now can you change volume for Environment sounds.

Bugs & Issue
   • Tutorial / Dialogue bugg has been fixed (If you jump many times while active you get ssuuuuper jump).
   • UI Tooltips small fixes.
   • Craft / Gathering stacks got fixed.

News & Announcements / Coming to Steam!
Last post by xtriz3d -
Hello! I have applied the game to Steam now, and there is not much left. I need to fix litle bit like a new trailer, some new screenshot then it's ready to get it on Steam.

This has been a long journey and, yeah now is it Steam soon. I gonna update when the game is up in Steam Store.
News & Announcements / Update 1.7 Crafting Preview
Last post by xtriz3d -
Hello everyone! Here is some preview of the crafting system that is going to be added in 1.7.
I have been working hard on this, and I feel this feature gonna change the gameplay litle bit that I have planned.

2018-07-28 (UPDATE)
  • Crafting system nearly finished and ready to use.
  • Max level is 50.
    • Combat max level is 100 for each class.

    2018-07-29 - Gathering
    The gathering is random now, and not static. This means that sometime can it be a Tree sometimes can it be a mineral.

2018-07-31 - Crafting Preview
Here can you see some small preview (Youtube video)

2018-08-15 - New level design
Many new levels have been redesign.

2018-08-18 - More design

News & Announcements / Update 1.6
Last post by xtriz3d -
   • Now does enemies have a warning area before knockdown.

   • Player Torch got small change with the light.
   • Attribute Points minor change and Weapon Damage added.
   • Ranger - Turret skill stays for 10 seconds now instead of 6 seconds.

   • Player Progress removed (From Menu)
   • New Menu design.
   • Some UI Scale fixes.
   • Inventory System has been added
   • Unlock Collection has been removed

   • Some maps/levels got change.
   • Rift have been inactivate (Need updates).

   • Place block camera have been removed.
   • Shop Exit Button Removed.
   • Enemy Experience got new font.
   • Str,Dex and Int boost drop has been removed.
   • Lightning / Shadows improved.
   • Collection Points change to "Wallet" and changed name to "Blast Points".