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Update 1.7 Crafting Preview

Hello everyone! Here is some preview of the crafting system that is going to be added in 1.7.
I have been working hard on this, and I feel this feature gonna change the gameplay litle bit that I have planned.

2018-07-28 (UPDATE)
  • Crafting system nearly finished and ready to use.
  • Max level is 50.
    • Combat max level is 100 for each class.

    2018-07-29 - Gathering
    The gathering is random now, and not static. This means that sometime can it be a Tree sometimes can it be a mineral.

2018-07-31 - Crafting Preview
Here can you see some small preview (Youtube video)

2018-08-15 - New level design
Many new levels have been redesign.

2018-08-18 - More design

Creator of Blixten Quest